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About... Me and the website

April 18, 2015  -- Doug Coleman



Thank you for finding this site, if you're reading this then maybe I'm doing something right and hopefully you'll find some interesting material here.


I'd like to take a moment to address some things that have been on my mind of late.


I've received some criticism from a number of people for the choice to reach out and pursue a career as an actor and writer.
Whilst I have recieved support from the important people that matter,
I've also had a fair share of opposition and critics for the sake of what I can only classify as a cheap laugh...


So if you are one of the people guilty of this, and you have somehow ended up here(I'm kind of hoping you are) reading this I'd ask you the following questions:


What makes you better than me?


What gives you right to laugh at someone's ambition to better themselves? (Especially when you've done nothing yourself)


It's funny how It's always the minority in most cases that feel the need to speak without thinking, yet if they just kept their thoughts quiet and applied themselves, then they could be achievers too.


To those people who know me personally and those who have shown support in this new journey that I began just a year ago, I thank you for your love, support and encouragement and I hope that in this website that I can share with you the highlights of my journey.
For those who don't know me - have a look around, if you like what you see then that's great, if not no problem, thanks for reading this far.


Stardom and Hollywood seem like a long shot, so for now I'll settle for London... but we all start somewhere and I always believe that you should aim high and follow your dreams, because our destiny is in our own hands, life is too short to sit and wonder what may have been, so go out there today and make it everything you want it to be - that was my choice and that is why I am here doing this - what is stopping you?




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