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Years of Production: 2014-2015

A Showreel/Demo reel of some of my work from 2014-2015.


Year of production: 2015

Running Time: 7:11 min


Actors: Detective Pearce - Doug Coleman; Casey Moore - Felipe Mattei

Credits: Director - Joe Tannian; Producer - Ryan O'Shea; DOP - Thomas Hawes; Sound - Luke Turner; Editing - Luke Turner/Jordan Evans; VFX - Ryan O'Shea

Detective Pearce searches for serial killer Casey Moore and finally captures him, stashing him in a safehouse with the purpose of interrogating him one last time to obtain the confession he needs to put him away... but all is not as it seems as Detective Pearce is about to find out.

Healing (Clip)

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 1:19 min

Color / Sound

Actors: Edward - Doug Coleman/Claire - Claire Whitelock/ Martha - Marta Dee

Credits: DOP/Director/Editor - Raed Abbas; Story - Maurisa S Coleman; Sound - Paul Van Beaumont/Emmanuel T Adeola


A soldier returns from war and struggles to settle back into normal life.

Plagued by nightmares, mental instability and violent outbursts, is everything lost or is there still time to save the last thing he has left - his Marriage.

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